What we do

The extracted material consists of rock ranging from highly durable and unweathered rock from our argillite and basalt for use in concrete, sealing aggs and asphalt to slightly weathered rock used in road base, DGS and DGB material production and highly weathered material used in select and general fill. We also have Sandstone based products extracted from sandstone quarries used for SMZ, drainage aggs and various other products to suit individual applications.

We provide a comprehensive truck fleet which includes Truck and Trailer combinations, semi Trailers, bogies and eight wheeler tipper trucks, heavy haulage up to 120 tonne carrying capacity. We have the ability to allocate our fleet to suit the individual requirements from our quarries. We also provide wet hire services for a range of earthmoving and excavation equipment

All of our pricing is negotiable based on quantities but we believe we can generally offer the best price and most flexible service available on all our products.

All of our specified materials are tested by local NATA certified testing laboratories. Fee based testing is available upon request.